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Ordering Procedure

The Genebank is providing access to DNA materials derived from various genome projects of the institute through the DNA Bank. We are currently distributing rice ESTs (cDNA clones), RFLP markers and PAC/BAC clones, as well as pig BAC clones and full-length cDNA clones upon request. Please refer to Administrative Regulations for Biological Genetic Resources in the NIAS Genebank Project of the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences before placing an order.

How to order

Login to [Request Page]. Fill-up the form and click Order. Print one copy of the Request Form and two copies of the Material Transfer Agreement with the mandatory signatures. Send the documents to the address below.

At the first login, registration is required to obtain Login ID and password. The ID and password is same for RGRC and Mutant panel pages.

The user will be charged on the basis of the designated price for the ordered materials (see Price List).

Payment can be made by BANK TRASFER only. Cheques are NOT accepted.

Payment can be made in US dollar or euro. Please pay all the necessary bank charges and re-routing fees if necessary.

After the payment is confirmed, the ordered items will be sent. Shipment cost of biological materials is normally borne by the NARO Genebank.

Other Remarks on Distribution of Biological Genetic Resources
1.If any changes in the information indicated in the "Application for Distribution of Biological Genetic Resources" occur during your research, please inform us by sending the "Notice of Changes".
2.When you finish your research using the genetic resources distributed, please send us the "Report on Research Results".

Available DNA Stocks

List of DNA materials for distribution is available here.

Price List

Price list of DNA materials is available here.


Notice of Changes
Report on Research Results

Contact Information

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